Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Sorting the Media

From my previous post called Chocolate and Media you probably can probably tell that I (usually) detest the media because of the sensational way they present even the most morbid news.  However I do depend on them, (where else would I get stuff to rant about) and I wish to alleviate the problems caused by sensationalism.

Well, one year from now, American citizens will be voting once again for their new/old president and I am going to start on the project of posting the most stripped down details about all of the presidential candidates.  Dang, that's going to take some work.  No bias, no politics, no nothing.  Just facts - only verifiable "news" about things that should matter in a campaign.  I hope that come next year, I will be able to make a wiser decision that will help America and I hope that this project will help some other people (who happen across the blog) too.

Wish me luck!