Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Sorting the Media

From my previous post called Chocolate and Media you probably can probably tell that I (usually) detest the media because of the sensational way they present even the most morbid news.  However I do depend on them, (where else would I get stuff to rant about) and I wish to alleviate the problems caused by sensationalism.

Well, one year from now, American citizens will be voting once again for their new/old president and I am going to start on the project of posting the most stripped down details about all of the presidential candidates.  Dang, that's going to take some work.  No bias, no politics, no nothing.  Just facts - only verifiable "news" about things that should matter in a campaign.  I hope that come next year, I will be able to make a wiser decision that will help America and I hope that this project will help some other people (who happen across the blog) too.

Wish me luck!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Ditch the Stress

Thought I'd put up some ways that I like to de-stress... for your benefit.  Which ones are your favorites?

  1. Take a nap:  One of my favorites - I love to take an impromptu 10-15 snooze right after some heavy work.  If necessary (and if I have time) I might extend it to a half hour.  Want more proof that it is GOOD for you?
  2. Go for a run (or walk):  Love this one too.  I stick my iPod in my ears and day dream as I run.  Gets me away from reality for a while and the steady thumping of my feet is really relaxing.  The fresh air is really, well, refreshing and the blood flow increases oxygen to your brain.  Voila - a new and energetic you.
  3. Do a jigsaw puzzle:  OK, I know that not everyone is cut out for this kind of thing, but what I am trying to say is do something that is sort of mindless.  Keep your mind off of what "needs" to be done and focus completely on something else.  For me, jigsaws do this.  When going back to work afterwards, I have a totally fresh mind to start again with.  Anything that requires total attention will substitute for this.
  4. Take a shower:  Yes, even if you just took one that morning.  I actually feel like I can be more productive with a clean body.  It is like working on a groggy day as opposed to a sunny day.  When the sun shines, everything just seems a lot better.  Taking a hot shower refreshes my mind and I just feel better, which in turn, helps me get rid of stress!
  5. Switch it up:  I hate doing things for a long period of time because after a long period, I tend to get distracted.  For example, right now, I was doing some work and I took a break to write this post.  It's something I like to do.  Keep track of the time you have been working and treat yourself every hour or two, even if it is just a tiny stretch break to chat with someone or to go and have a bite to sustain yourself for the next stretch.  
So basically, with all of these: Give your mind rest time.  Make it a point to do so and hopefully you should feel a lot more relaxed and stress-less!

Friday, October 28, 2011

More college tuition rising to $50,000 a year - Oct. 28, 2011

Did you read that? That is totally, utterly, disastrously ridiculous. How is the younger generation supposed to "lead the future" if they can't even get a decent education for a decent price. Hey Government, if you really want to fix our nation - if you really want to be able to compete against those upcoming countries called China and India - maybe you should think abut cutting education costs. China has their college yearly costs (including books, boarding, etc.) at $400-$2200 ( Wow. Perhaps instead of focusing on foreign relations, you should focus on American education. I rather would like that, thank you.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Chocolate and Media

Today is 9/11.  As much as this will probably irritate people, honestly, I don't feel much today.  Yes, I remember the day it happened and I remember watching amazed as the scene of two planes crashing into two huge towers replayed over and over on TV.  I remember where I was and I remember everyone's reaction.  But I was miles away.  9/11 didn't happen to me - I wasn't in the towers, I wasn't in New York, I didn't have any family or friends affected by the tragedy.  So how did I understand that it was tragic?  By the media.  The media sensationalized this event - replaying the scene over and over.  They dragging the event out and blowing its significance up by millions, especially today on its 10th anniversary.  Time magazine printed out a commemorative issue filled with pictures of smoky faced firefighters and children who lost parents.  Even the comic section of the newspaper was full of 9/11 - Baby Blues featured a single square where Baby Wren stacks building blocks into two towers.
The one thing I would think an enemy of the United States would love to see is the country being shattered by their deeds.  Think of a terrorist group like a baby - it will shout when it knows that you will pay attention to it when it does so.  I fear that the media has fallen right into the terrorists' hands in this way - by sensationalizing 9/11 and making it seem like it impacted more people than it actually did.  Won't they be inspired by this?  Won't they repeat it?  They already found our weak point - knowing that we would make a big deal out of a significant anniversary (10) the US were tipped about yet another threat in New York on the same day.  Suppose the news had been quiet.  Trust me, we would all remember still - the event would be written in history books, would it not?  But I would see the United States that is able to grow and mend; one that is incapable of being broken so easily; one that gives no media 'fame' for disgusting terrorism acts and therefore discourages it altogether.
Perhaps I have now alienated three quarters of the American population.  But I write about this for a reason.  I am angry at the American media.  9/11 is one example of its mistake.  Another example is something that shook me to the core - my own personal September 11th, 2001.
I was teaching a class of young boys ages 7-10.  They were working on a project to create a game with a certain program I was teaching at the time.  We went through step one which was deciding the theme of the game they wanted to create.  I went around to each student asking what they would like to do.  Most of them were normal - a maze or a pacman sort of game.  And then I was blown away.  One youngster told me that he wanted to create a game where there is a person who goes around shooting people and then at the end, he kills himself.  He then laughed.  The boy sitting next to him overheard and started laughing as well.  He asked me if he could change his game so it was the same.
At the time, I was so shocked that all I could do was tell another instructor and have the other instructor go and talk to them about this.  I honestly believe that they wouldn't do such a thing in real life, but you know what, I couldn't know.  They were good kids.  At this point, I believe now that its all because of what they see on TV.  Please tell me which kid doesn't want to be famous...  when kids see that people who do that kind of stuff get TV time, they think nothing of it.  The media is to blame for making events such as these seem so important and so relevant when in reality, most of us don't cannot understand the emotions that actually occur for those who are first hand witnesses.  So it makes us immune.  And for little kids, these events are misunderstood to be important.  What happened to the good old days when kids played with see-saws and swings?  Why must life revolve around guns and bombs?
What we really need in this country is a media revolution.  Let media be the parents and the American public be the kids.  Don't feed us what we want - candy and marshmallows.  Feed us the broccoli and spinach.  Give us happy news and emphasize that.  Give us educational news that makes us smarter and more prepared to lead the nation.  Don't you feel embarrassed broadcasting crap about the latest Kardashian outing?  Is that reflective of what we want to be?  As a warning, we will scream.  We will be begging for that old stuff.  But you know what's best right?  Think long run, not short.  I conclude with a small metaphor:  I used to love white chocolate and milk chocolate, full of butter, sugar and milk.  But after reading articles I found the benefits of dark chocolate and started eating it.  My god it was bitter.  But now what has happened?  I cannot stand white or milk chocolate.  Dark chocolate grew on me over time - its bitter taste is now pure and wholesome to my tongue.  Teach me to love wholesome news.  Ditch the sensationalism, once and for all!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


There are no other words.  Dang its been a while.  I wish I had the time to write every single day.  Become someone else in writing and vent all those emotions that otherwise are bottled down.  I am fairly good at managing emotions (I have to be for my profession) but I have learned that keeping them down for too long can be harmful.  I run, I write.  It keeps me sane.  But a good job always helps.  I have decided that I will never subject myself to a job that I cannot enjoy.  I work long hours at the job I have now, but I do not complain.  I love it to death and I would do cartwheels if required.  I will sign off very soon because I must but before I do, I want to say a little something for everyone reading this post.  Love your job.  It might be dull and boring.  But finding that little silver lining in the dark cloud is the best thing you can do.  You should love what you do with your life.  It is your life after all.  Take care of it well.  Take care of you always.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Creativity Moments

When do you get your best ideas for anything?  I've noticed that sometimes, actually most of the time, the best ideas for new posts come right before I go to bed - just before I nod off.  It's a little annoying because most of the time, I tend to forget in the morning what that idea was but I remember that whatever it was, it was good.
I had a good idea for a post last night - and like the usual I forgot.  Oops :)  So I thought anyway I'd do a little research on how people generate ideas.
Occasionally, I am competent enough that I remember these late night ideas; when it happens (which is extremely rare) I write them down in the morning.  I even have a friend who actually keeps a notebook next to her bed so that she can write them down.  I fear that if I did the same, I would probably end up not going to bed at all and peruse the ideas all night long.  Once I get started, it's hard for me to stop.  But it's interesting to see that I never get this fountain of ideas in the daytime - so I did a little research.
According to an UK AOL My Daily article ( it turns out that the brain reorganizes and reconfigures memory while you sleep.  Interesting because a computer actually acts in a similar way.  You know that defragmentation program you can run manually?  Did you know on most modern computers it runs in the middle of the night?  Kinda cute comparison.  Not sure which came first, though... the computer or the human mind???
Another interesting article I read was on CBS (  This article had an interesting paragraph on how Dmitri Mendeleev came up with the periodic table of elements that scientists still use today.  Apparently, he had gotten frustrated for many days and suddenly he woke up to this new idea.  Lucky guy!
As crazy as it sounds, it strikes a familiar chord with what I have experienced.  I don't think of physical things when I sleep - it's just new ideas and not just limited to posts and things.  Very frequently, the things I think of are problems that I had been solving for an entire day.  For example, I did some programming the other day and couldn't debug the program.  In my sleep (or perhaps right before) I thought of the error.  Maybe I am just imagining it, but it turned out that error did cause the problem.  So basically, all I did was think in a different way outside of the box.  According to both articles, this seems plausible.  A little daunting though when it happens in real life.  Almost like an out of body experience.
Oh well... what is the message to take away from this post?  I guess it is to go and get a good night sleep!  And I think I'll do mine just now :)  Night!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Facebook Abstinence

I read a post recently (sorry, I forget whose it was) that talked about the appropriateness of "friending" various types of people on facebook and how that line is sometimes a bit shady.
I don't have a Facebook.  Occasionally, I have had doubts about staying away from Facebook.  Many of my friends have Facebook pages and have tried to convince me to join.  I have never actually faced peer pressure that much before and my god, it is one of the hardest things to not succumb to especially if it is not something too dangerous that they are pressuring.  But after reading innumerable accounts of haywire posts on Facebook and this last post that I mentioned I am certain that I have made the right decision.  I'd like to share.
My number one point that I dislike about Facebook is what bugs a lot of people - privacy.  I don't care about what the company says about improving security settings and all that.  Unfortunately I can google peoples' names and find posts of theirs on Facebook even though I cannot access their account.  On more than one instance that I tried this, I found a post that potential employers probably would not like to read.  It is very difficult to make Facebook like email where only people you trust can see what you so openly and casually write.  Many people consider Facebook as their primary means of communication between close friends and family.  It's great, but it's dangerous.  Not everything that you share with your family should be shared with your friends and vice versa.  Sometimes what you want to share is to a very nit-picky set of people and Facebook doesn't allow that.  It is way too easy to just post something and realize later the consequences of it, even though it had no value.
From what I have heard about Facebook, many people use it to share photos.  Why not use some other tool for that?  Picasa or Jalbum or the sort?  For writing, I just simply disagree that Facebook is the proper form.  Not only does it break down lines of privacy, but it also breaks down any intimacy.  I remember even when email came out, people thought that was totally emotionless writing.  It is why that when I thank people for anything, I handwrite my notes.  Now Facebook is overpowering email.  Email has more intimacy than Facebook.  When I email a friend about something that has happened in my life that has caused a certain amount of emotional turbulence, the stuff I write is most definitely something cringe-worthy.  However, I have that sense of relationship with that friend and I know that it will not be forwarded to the rest of the world.  What we wrote stays between us forever.  Not so with Facebook.  If I were to do the same, who knows who will read that post?  And by the time you realize, it may be too late.
So, I guess that last point stresses first impressions.  Jumping to conclusions is something Facebook stresses because of its open nature.  To those who use Facebook, I wish I could tell you to be careful, but you will not heed my advice.  It leads me into my next point which is how it allows youngsters to register even though they are at an age that they know nothing about the cruelty of the world.  They do not know or understand these intimate emotions and I personally think it is detrimental to their mental learning.  Brevity is not always the best for writing.  Good writing is eloquent and engaging.  Good writing incite emotions in people while brevity kills them.  Youngsters do not realize what impact writing can have and by allowing them input it to the world at such a young age, we are being careless.  Protect them a little while longer.  We should teach them how to write before we allow them to join the ultimate social network.
My last point about Facebook is one that a lot of people don't understand.  I like having a few, close friends not tons of impersonal ones.  To me, having one hundred people friend you on Facebook is more of a way to increase your self esteem.  It makes you feel popular.  Temporarily.  What I enjoy from my friends is respect for being me.  I can be me and they like it that way.  My nuances and glitches are apparent to my friends and they accept me for that.  To me, friends are the greatest gift.  I can honestly contact them anytime when I need help.  They are there to support me because they believe in me.  And I only have a few.  If a friend is worth keeping, then it shouldn't have to be kept over Facebook.  Someone who randomly contacts you 20 years later on Facebook isn't one worth keeping in my opinion.  I would like my friends to stand by me the whole time - even if it means that we do not have constant contact.  A friendship bond should be bigger than contact - it is about giving something up for that person and being there when he/she needs it the most.  Other than that, friends are more of acquaintances.  People that I say hi to if I see them.
Perhaps I am bit harsh on what I expect from friends but I do not hesitate to say that I would do the same for them.  For these reasons, I am extremely proud and happy that I have been obstinate about not getting a Facebook page.  And guess what?  I never have to complain about how addicting it is!  I can put my time into something more meaningful... perhaps another post on this blog :)

Saturday, June 4, 2011

It's Really Really Rude

What's rude?  Texting.

Haha.... I just noticed that the word "texting" has a red underline in it.  Seems kind of ironic that a word we use so frequently and execute so many times as to cause me to vent about it, isn't even a valid word.

I just came back from a friend's debut performance very vexed with what I saw.  No, not the performance itself - it was with the way that the younger members of the audience conducted themselves throughout the performance.  Texting texting texting.  God, they were texting more than probably the top CEOs in the nation do.  I was upset by the fact that the friend had spent a good amount of time working her ass off to make this performance a successful one and these inconsiderate young girls spent the entire time glued to their phones and not even bothering to look at what was going on on stage.  The entire time.  I am not kidding.  At least they sat up in the balcony of the performance hall, but there were people (like me) behind them because they sat in the first row.  It was extremely rude of them to have their smart phones constantly lit up and do the whole flying fingers thing which was extremely distracting for me.  I really wanted to thwack their heads with my program flyer!

So I guess the key thing is that there are no etiquette rules to texting and there should be.  I never got a phone until I really needed one and even then, I was not allowed to text.  I got texting, again, when I truly needed it - when I was actually leading projects in college and for other reasonable and practical reasons.  Looking back,  I am ridiculously glad that I did that.  I cannot believe the girls' ignorance when it comes down to phones.  Scratch that - I cannot believe all teens' addiction to phones.  What need is there to be texting that frequently?  What need is there, at that age, that they need smart phones with unlimited texting and unlimited data plans to access the internet every where they go?  Honestly, I believe it is all a distraction to what they should be concentrating about at that point of their life.  Don't mistake me, I am not saying that having a phone is a bad thing - in fact I believe that cellular phones are truly one of the smartest inventions of all times.  But like any good thing, too much is just well, too much.  I like to compare it to wine - a little is excellent for the heart, but too much caused addiction and poor health.

A normal teen should be having some of the best social life of their lifetimes and should be gearing up to be successful in life by concentrating on excelling at school.  They should be in their prime of communication.  Texting is not a form of communication.  When someone communicates, there should be emotions involved.  Words should have meaning and should impact the listener.  This even includes one girls physically talking to another girls about a hot new guy at school.  With this example, there are emotions involved, hand gestures, and tones.  All of which make a memorable conversation.  This is communication.  You may say that then I characterize blogs and newspapers and magazines as not being communication.  No, I say that they are.  Why?  Because they impact the reader.  When bloggers blog and writers write, they do it with some meaning in mind.  There is a reason and they wish to impact someone with their writing.  So it is good.  What impact does it have if someone picks a dozen contacts out of their contact list and texts them "dont have nething 2 do"?  Exactly nothing.  No impact no nothing.  This is useless writing and will get them no where.

I admire parents who limit the amount of texting their children are allowed to do and wish that this rule was universal.  There are certain cases where unlimited would be OK but for the majority as far as I have seen, it should be completely and utterly banned.  Teens have not yet learned what is considered too much and clearly have not been taught yet on the basic rules of etiquette in life.  I was extremely displeased with what I saw today and wish that it did not happen.  Perhaps it is time go backwards a little in technology to see the benefits of life without cell phones.  But perhaps we have already gone too far.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Most Beautiful Profession

It is an amazing day when you first realize that for the first time in your life, you are proud of an accomplishment. Done by someone else.  Although we thing it happens often, think about a time when you saw someone else achieve something and you watch without even a trace of jealousy.  Just pure pride.  I witness it in two cases only - one is parenting.  The other is what I think is the most honorable and truly beautiful profession that anyone can take - and that is teaching.  When I first started teaching, honestly, I did it for the money.  I wasn't a professional teacher or anything, just a high school student that wanted to make some extra easy cash.  But I have grown to love teaching inside and out.  There is something remarkable about watching your students grow and know that it was because of you and solely because of your teaching.  I have not even begun of thinking about children yet because of my goals to grow professionally, but each student is a child to me.  It is one thing to hear about this relationship like this - even in elementary school, teachers always go on about how each class is a class of children.  I thought it was all bull.  It is not.  
What is probably the most revealing aspect of teaching is that is turns selfishness into dust.  It is spiritually engaging and mentally clearing.  If I didn't know what I wanted to do with my life, I think at this point I would say teaching just because of how it affects me mentally.  Yesterday I was growling in frustration.  After putting on a happy face for my student, a half hour later, I was in great spirits.  No lie.
So what is my point?  Maybe sometimes we take teaching for granted.  However, I feel like becoming a teacher is one of the greatest efforts you can put in towards making society a better place.  You take a step towards becoming a better person while changing the world.  What more beautiful profession can there be?

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Learn it damn it!

I speak to all of America.  Why won't you get an education?  Why won't you take the time to open your textbook in grade school and then proceed to go to college.  I don't give a crap about what your reasons are - getting an education is better for YOU and for AMERICA.  What irritates me most is the people who love to comment on how the American economy sucks and how people don't have jobs.  Stop complaining, damn it.  Make it better.  And let me tell you exactly how:  Get an Education.
Can't afford it?  Well, yes you can.  There are millions of scholarships out there - did you know that?  You know those people who say that they got enough scholarship to be paid to go to college - it didn't come easy for them.  They studied their asses off in grade school and did well on standardized testing and they spent hours at a computer trying to find money and sending out essays to get it.  You can do it too!  Well, only if you have the drive to do it.  Tell me one good reason why you shouldn't have that kind of drive.
OK, so your poor and your parents won't let you pay, or you have a family to take care - then fill out one application - the FAFSA.  Tada!  You get an outpouring of money.  Are you African-American or Hispanic?  Well now is the time to shout it out proudly to the entire world, because you can get scholarship money like it falls from trees.  No, I am not bitter because I am not either one, but I am shocked that it is not being utilized.
And by the way, did anyone force you to go to an excellent top notch school?  Is that what I said.  NO!  I said get an education!  Did you know that College Board said that to go to a community college while staying at home costs about $2352.  This was in 2008.  OK, give a couple thousand dollars more.  Still not bad, right?  I don't think you need a 20 year loan to pay that much off.
OK, so you end up taking on some debt after going to college.  Do I need to regurgitate the statistics behind going to college?  Apparently I do.  Here you go.

This is from he Bureau of Labor Statistics.  Click the picture to get the big picture.  The unemployment rate for someone with a high school degree is about 10%.  The unemployment rate for someone with Bachelor's degree is 5.4%.  Almost half.  Not convinced enough?  The average high school diploma earned $626 per week.  The average person with a Bachelor's degree made $1038 per week.  That's about $50,000 per year.  I truly, honestly believe that getting an education is the best thing you can do for you and you dependents.  Take the time and effort NOW to do this and the benefits will be countless!  Please please please!
You are part of American, now it's your time to help clean it up.
Many thanks. :)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Sun Got in My Eyes

SPOILER WARNER:  I will be giving away many details of Albert Camus' L'Etranger today, so if you do not wish to know the ending of the book, please do not read any further.

I came upon an interesting theory as I was researching about existentialism for this post.  It really delves deep into the fact that humans are fundamentally free to make choices.  So free that sometimes, it is terrifying.  The example I cam across looks at a person who is standing atop a cliff.  That person may feel the fear of falling but also dreads choosing to throw him or herself off of the cliff.  Basically, nothing is there to hold you back from choosing to fall or to stand, one way or another.  This kind of freedom is fundamental and powerful, therefore terrifying.  Connecting this situation back to existentialism, the truth is that every single action we humans take, is laden with choices such as these.  We can blame the result on, really no one but ourselves.  This is a hard concept to grasp and one that Meursault is able to, awaiting his day of execution.  To put it crudely, the universe simply does not "care" about us.  The world will continue to spin if we commit an error or if we do something awesome or if (like Meursault) we kill someone.  Kinda scary.  Actually really scary if you think about it too much.  But I'll leave with a happy idea that stems from this kind of philosophy.
My parting thought:  Don't take your mistakes so seriously.  Enjoy what you have and don't dwell on the past.  Another day will come and the earth will keep spinning, even though you erred.  Embrace your life and forgive your mistakes. :)

Monday, May 9, 2011

I'm Absurd, You're Absurd

Moving on to a topic that has greatly interested me, but however is kinda heavy.  I believe I will be posting about this topic for some days.
Absurdism and Existentialism
Every since I read Albert Camus' book L'Etranger (The Stranger), I have been just blown away by these concepts which are so freely exposed and explored in the book.  An excellent read, by the way, and please go ahead and feel free to read further.  I can promise that there are no spoilers in this post.
I am an extremely science based person.  I like things to be rooted in science, explained by natural processes, and every thing be comprehensible.  Camus destroys those notions.  He made me understand that certain things are just simply not to be comprehended and it takes bravery on the humans' part to accept that.
It is absurd that I am posting this right now.  How is it possible that I have survived 4.5 billion years of explosions and today I exist?  Am I living in a dream?  Maybe I am the only person that is alive and everything else is just like a motion picture around me.  Have you ever thought that?  What made me post this today - I could have done it tomorrow or the day after or etc etc.  Look at the world as a whole.  It is absurd that you should be reading my blog today.... absurd that you stumbled across it... absurd that you are alive.
Sorry, perhaps that went too far.  But I think I make myself clear.  So many things in a human's life is totally based on chance and every roll of the dice is absurd because the die is so multifaceted.  Every decision is made by some neurons in the brain right?  So what stimulated those neurons to act the way they did.  Perhaps some outside forces such as other peoples activities or from objects that were created by people.  But what stimulated those peoples' neurons to make the decision that impacted you?  And so on into infinite...
But enough for today.  Too much philosophy can make you become self-immersed and anti-social.  I think that's unhealthy.
So my parting though for today:  Take advantage of the roll that your die has landed on today.  Make the most of it, because there is a high chance that it may not happen again.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Charum Zob

"What's in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet."
Romeo and Juliet (II, ii, 1-2)

A fair point brought up by Missy Juliet.  Every time a noun is spoken, we automatically put our brains into cruise and we come up with all sorts of assumptions about that thing or person.  For example, you say "Nancy" and I think some middle-aged, middle to upper class, working American woman with 2 kids.  You say "diamond" and I think "rich guy."  I think the bigger problem here is that we make assumptions so quickly.  I feel like this is a shortcoming of mine and a shortcoming that I find around the world.  Making assumptions leads to prejudices and even more particularly to racial bias. 
Today as I was waiting for cash to pay for tickets to an event, I watched as one lady charged 12 bucks per person for one family and 11 bucks per person for the next family (two families of different ethnicity  I leave it up to you to decide what they were).  Excuse me?  After inquiring, apparently it was just a mistake.  I don't know if I buy that.  
Leave the story aside, I felt saddened that such racial bias still exist today.  Hello???  The Civil War ended in 1865!  Not yesterday!  Do me a favor and please accept everyone for who they are and not by their name or any other characteristic.  Actually, I take that back, do it for yourself.  I honestly believe that tolerance can be a person's single most endearing personality trait.  
And so today, I leave you with a question: What do you think when I say Charum Zob?

Saturday, May 7, 2011

THE Inauguration

To the world: Here I come.
To me: Why am I wasting my time?

I have never blogged before.  But I am hoping it is not one of those things where I keep at it for... ahhhh.. 5 minutes. An example of that... journals.  Well well well, I don't know how well this is going to work.

However, I feel the need to openly write about my ideas and thoughts and not keep them suppressed as I have done for so long.  Not everything I write will blissful reading, not everything I write will be exactly perfecto in English either (for those of you who have been correcting my sentences and spelling as you read).  But it's what I've got and I hope you like it.  Not that I'll discontinue if you don't.

And so, today I conclude with the captivating thought of: World, Here I Come.