Friday, May 31, 2013

Maui Tides

Disappointment is a side effect of hope.  Hope comes from a need to make life better.  Making life better comes from a need to live life.  Living life comes from being brought into this world alive.  Such good intentions drive disappointment and sometimes, somewhere along the line, I become scared.  Perhaps it is when hope fails and disappoint prevails more than once in a row.  It makes me lose hope and lose the drive to make my life better.  I realize that I'm not doing too bad and there is no reason to try harder.  I stop living and sit around watching TV, numbing my brain.  And then I get restless and find hate.  Hate for not living.  So once again I hope, sometimes only to be disappointed again, but sometimes to be rewarded in the greatest ways that only life can give.  The seesaw of life flows like the Maui tide, in and out, in and out.