Monday, May 9, 2011

I'm Absurd, You're Absurd

Moving on to a topic that has greatly interested me, but however is kinda heavy.  I believe I will be posting about this topic for some days.
Absurdism and Existentialism
Every since I read Albert Camus' book L'Etranger (The Stranger), I have been just blown away by these concepts which are so freely exposed and explored in the book.  An excellent read, by the way, and please go ahead and feel free to read further.  I can promise that there are no spoilers in this post.
I am an extremely science based person.  I like things to be rooted in science, explained by natural processes, and every thing be comprehensible.  Camus destroys those notions.  He made me understand that certain things are just simply not to be comprehended and it takes bravery on the humans' part to accept that.
It is absurd that I am posting this right now.  How is it possible that I have survived 4.5 billion years of explosions and today I exist?  Am I living in a dream?  Maybe I am the only person that is alive and everything else is just like a motion picture around me.  Have you ever thought that?  What made me post this today - I could have done it tomorrow or the day after or etc etc.  Look at the world as a whole.  It is absurd that you should be reading my blog today.... absurd that you stumbled across it... absurd that you are alive.
Sorry, perhaps that went too far.  But I think I make myself clear.  So many things in a human's life is totally based on chance and every roll of the dice is absurd because the die is so multifaceted.  Every decision is made by some neurons in the brain right?  So what stimulated those neurons to act the way they did.  Perhaps some outside forces such as other peoples activities or from objects that were created by people.  But what stimulated those peoples' neurons to make the decision that impacted you?  And so on into infinite...
But enough for today.  Too much philosophy can make you become self-immersed and anti-social.  I think that's unhealthy.
So my parting though for today:  Take advantage of the roll that your die has landed on today.  Make the most of it, because there is a high chance that it may not happen again.

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