Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Most Beautiful Profession

It is an amazing day when you first realize that for the first time in your life, you are proud of an accomplishment. Done by someone else.  Although we thing it happens often, think about a time when you saw someone else achieve something and you watch without even a trace of jealousy.  Just pure pride.  I witness it in two cases only - one is parenting.  The other is what I think is the most honorable and truly beautiful profession that anyone can take - and that is teaching.  When I first started teaching, honestly, I did it for the money.  I wasn't a professional teacher or anything, just a high school student that wanted to make some extra easy cash.  But I have grown to love teaching inside and out.  There is something remarkable about watching your students grow and know that it was because of you and solely because of your teaching.  I have not even begun of thinking about children yet because of my goals to grow professionally, but each student is a child to me.  It is one thing to hear about this relationship like this - even in elementary school, teachers always go on about how each class is a class of children.  I thought it was all bull.  It is not.  
What is probably the most revealing aspect of teaching is that is turns selfishness into dust.  It is spiritually engaging and mentally clearing.  If I didn't know what I wanted to do with my life, I think at this point I would say teaching just because of how it affects me mentally.  Yesterday I was growling in frustration.  After putting on a happy face for my student, a half hour later, I was in great spirits.  No lie.
So what is my point?  Maybe sometimes we take teaching for granted.  However, I feel like becoming a teacher is one of the greatest efforts you can put in towards making society a better place.  You take a step towards becoming a better person while changing the world.  What more beautiful profession can there be?

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