Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Learn it damn it!

I speak to all of America.  Why won't you get an education?  Why won't you take the time to open your textbook in grade school and then proceed to go to college.  I don't give a crap about what your reasons are - getting an education is better for YOU and for AMERICA.  What irritates me most is the people who love to comment on how the American economy sucks and how people don't have jobs.  Stop complaining, damn it.  Make it better.  And let me tell you exactly how:  Get an Education.
Can't afford it?  Well, yes you can.  There are millions of scholarships out there - did you know that?  You know those people who say that they got enough scholarship to be paid to go to college - it didn't come easy for them.  They studied their asses off in grade school and did well on standardized testing and they spent hours at a computer trying to find money and sending out essays to get it.  You can do it too!  Well, only if you have the drive to do it.  Tell me one good reason why you shouldn't have that kind of drive.
OK, so your poor and your parents won't let you pay, or you have a family to take care - then fill out one application - the FAFSA.  Tada!  You get an outpouring of money.  Are you African-American or Hispanic?  Well now is the time to shout it out proudly to the entire world, because you can get scholarship money like it falls from trees.  No, I am not bitter because I am not either one, but I am shocked that it is not being utilized.
And by the way, did anyone force you to go to an excellent top notch school?  Is that what I said.  NO!  I said get an education!  Did you know that College Board said that to go to a community college while staying at home costs about $2352.  This was in 2008.  OK, give a couple thousand dollars more.  Still not bad, right?  I don't think you need a 20 year loan to pay that much off.
OK, so you end up taking on some debt after going to college.  Do I need to regurgitate the statistics behind going to college?  Apparently I do.  Here you go.

This is from he Bureau of Labor Statistics.  Click the picture to get the big picture.  The unemployment rate for someone with a high school degree is about 10%.  The unemployment rate for someone with Bachelor's degree is 5.4%.  Almost half.  Not convinced enough?  The average high school diploma earned $626 per week.  The average person with a Bachelor's degree made $1038 per week.  That's about $50,000 per year.  I truly, honestly believe that getting an education is the best thing you can do for you and you dependents.  Take the time and effort NOW to do this and the benefits will be countless!  Please please please!
You are part of American, now it's your time to help clean it up.
Many thanks. :)

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